[Workshop Summary] Open your Phd in less than 45 minutes with Knownodes

This article was written by Dor Garbash following the Hackathon : “Open your Phd – one link at a time – A direct approach to open knowledge” ( july 13-14th). This post was initially published on Dor’s website

We did it! Researchers, engineers, teachers and hackers have started to use Knownodes to share their knowledge online.

This weekend was special for all of us who have been working on Knownodes.

In the end of a two day hackathon  we have managed to create a workflow, that enables even a complete newbie to create a knowledge network consisting of eleven knowledge resources and ten connections and put it online, open and free to access.

Rapid prototyping knowledge network generation

Here are some of the results, use the “map view” button on the top bar for some nice visualisation:

Sudo room – Matt Senate(Hacker)

Mimicry – Sebastien Treguer(Engineer, clean energy)

How can we include citizen science in earthquake and fire engineering research? – Professor Muki Haklay(Researcher, citizen science)

Knownodes – Dor Garbash(Phd student)

Dynamic body and space – Catalina Quijano(Teacher)

Open your Phd project – general description of what we did.

Thanks for the HackYourPhd and the NightScience communities for helping us out!

Would you like to contribute a map yourself?

It’s easy and takes only 45 minutes just click here

Us at the same place, about a month ago. As you see there’s quite a bit of gender bias, let’s change that!

Next step for Knownodes is the hack’a’node retreat, we will be going there from Saturday through Thursday (in flexible times). We will stay in the beautiful performance arts forum http://www.pa-f.net/ , and you are welcome to join us!

NB : A Knownodes workshop will be held in facLab on the 13th of September. Dor would like to organize open knowledge workshops in labs and classes. To contact him : knownodes@gmail.com