[Event] OpenScience Wikisprint at the Open Knowledge Conference Thursday, September 19th, 2013

The Open Knowledge Conference # OKCon  is taking place right now in Geneva (September 16 to 19th 2013). The Open Knowlege Foundation organizes this event to bring together actors of “Open”. Open Data is the main topic, but Open Science also has a good place. Different sessions are devoted to  Open Science / Research. The main auditorium was dedicated to the Open Science the whole Tuesday afternoon. (Here is a summary of the livetweet).

Thursday, September 19th , 2013 will also be a very special day! A workshop (or wikisprint) dedicated to improving Wikipedia articles and P2Pfoundation on Open Science is organized from 10 am to 17pm at the “Centre Universitaire d’Informatique” of Geneva university. Indeed, the Open and Citizen Science HackDay will host different workshops. Proposals were submitted to the organizers and then there was a vote for projects where we wanted to get involved. The wikisprint ranks first in number of votes (10).

What is a wikisprint?

The Wikisprintt is a formula already experienced by the P2P Foundation. As its name suggests, the Wikisprint seeks maximum contributions in a relatively short time (usually one day) on one or more wiki.

The idea of ​​a wikisprint on OpenScience had emerged more than five months ago during a first meeting with Michel Bauwens, founder of the P2P Foundation. At that time, he had just returned from the Spanish Spanish P2P Wikisprint held on March 20th 2013. This project was a great success. 211 articles had been created!

Today with the help of the P2P Foundation and motivated Wikipedians, the # OpenScienceWiki is taking shape!

Here are the ads on the page dedicated to the P2Pfoundation and Wikipedia (French and English)



How can I get involved ?

Whatever time you have, and wherever you are, you can bring your stone to the building!

  • By noticing a reference or useful information, either directly on the P2P Foundation wiki pages or reference Wikipedia workshop in French or English. It is also possible to make your reports on twitter via the hashtag # OpenScienceWiki
  • By identifying articles to be create or improve.
  • By discussing about the structure of related articles or on their discussion pages, or on the discussion page of the project.
  • By contributing to the writing.
  • By getting involved in the proofreading, finishing and translation.

How to contribute on Wikipedia and P2P Foundation?

I invite you to check the instructions for each wiki to see where you feel more comfortable.

Wilipedia : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Atelier_Science_ouverte

P2Pfoundation : http://p2pfoundation.net/P2P_International_WikiSprint

We are waiting for you on Thursday, September 19th!

Thanks to all those who are involved in the preparation of this event.

Pierre-Carl Langlais, Rasberry Lane (Wikipedia)

Michel Bauwens, Michael Layne Hartsell, Bernardo Gutierrez (P2P Foundation)

Rodrigue Asseu, Isadora Olivé, Clara Moreau (HackYourPhD)

External contributions are not only welcome, but encouraged 🙂

Thanks to Rodrigue Asseu for the translation.

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