How do you imagine the future of HackYourPhD? Share your opinion with us

HackYourPhD has been launched one year ago. Guillaume Dumas and I cofounded this initiative but the community lives and growths thanks to you. Some of you have been participating since the first event at La Paillasse in january 2013. Others have joined us later.

HackYourPhD : 2013 in review

A lot of amazing things happen during this year.

  • We organized more than 8 events in Paris, 1 in London, and several in the United States and in Quebec thanks to your participation and the growing HackYourPhD team!
  • We are now more than 900 on our Facebook group and 1000 on twitter and we share each day a lot of information there
  • We created the website with almost all articles in both French and English thanks to your help.
  • Thanks to your participation to a crowdfunding campaign, an Open Science tour in the USA was organised and with more than 50 interviews of major Open Science actors.
  • And you showed us your enthusiasm from all around the world. (Italia, Brazil, Germany, South Africa).

This demonstrates how Open Science is becoming an important topic for all of us—researchers, PhD students, entrepreneurs, citizens.

Cocreate the future of HackYourPhD

At this point, we want to create an association for HackYourPhD.

We need your help to cocreate the future of HackYourPhD.

Thus, it is important for us that your share your opinion.



Share with us your opinion, take our survey!

Thanks for your support and do not hesitate to contact us.


Our warmest thanks

– to all the HackYourPhD members!

Students, PhD students, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs etc..

Matthieu LeChanjour, Clara Moreau, Eugenio Battaglia, Gayané Adourian, Nicolas Loubet, Thomas Landrain, Bruno Martin, Pierre-Carl Langlais, Alexandre Monnin, Sylvain Charron, Jonathan Keller, Sylvia Fredrikson, Philippe Denis, Anthony Truchet, Marine Gout, Victor Barres, Vincent Adam, Kevin Ilardi, Dor Garbash, Lucie Lemoine, Pierre Alexandre Klein, Dorotea Mar, Timothée Behra, Clément Epié, Boris Marcel, Patrice Pauly, Jade LeMaitre, Jean-François Ceci, Francois Asperti Boursin, Sarah Zahra, Aurélie Bordenave, Tom Wersinger, Laurence Bianchini, Noémie de Saint Vulfran, Stéphanie Couvreur, Anne Clio, Rodrigue Asseu, Estrella Chang, Sébastien Paquet, Isadora Olivié, Viviane Delahaye, Joachim Lohkamp, Glenn Roland, Romain Vincent, Clément Jacquard, Ingrid Thonet, Ha-Loan Phan, Emile Gaillard, Yann Heurtaux..

– tor all who give us advice and support.

Joël de Rosnay, Rémi Barré (OST), Thanh Nghien (MoviLab), Louis-David Benyayer (Without Model), Anne-Laure Brun Buisson ( Sharelex), Benjamin Tincq et l’équipe de OuiShare, Michel Bauwens et Layne Hartsell ( P2P Foundation), Paul Bourgine, Geoffrey Dorne (Design&Human), Mathieu Rouault ( Docteo), Julien Hering (Tree of Sciences), Jean Charles Caillez ( L’école des Doctorants), Florence Piron ( l’Association Science et Biens Communs), Jacques-François Marchandise (La Fing), Jennifer Lebond (La Fonderie), François Taddéi et Ariel Lindner (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires), Rayna Stambolyiska et Samuel Goëta (OKFNFrance), l’équipe de KissKissBankBank, de l’ESPGG, de Doc’up, de MakeSense, de PodcastScience, NumaParis, Mutinerie, LaPaillasse, Louise Guay et Francis Gosselin (f&co), Deuxième Labo, EducPros, Fiduswriter, Les Apéros Science & Web, Ubimix, Soundwall, Grand Angle…
Ann et Elan (GreenNeuroscienceLab), Kaitlin Thaney ( MozillaScienceLab), Brian Glanz (OpenScienceFederation), Matthew Senate ( Sudoroom), Puneet Kishor (Creative Commons), Billy Meinke ( P2PU), Karthik Ram ( ROpenScience), Jeff Spies and the team of the Center for Open Science..

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