[Workshop Summary] PhD, Thesis : towards OpenScience practices ? Philoweb.org as an exemple on december 13rd at La Fonderie ( Paris)

The December 13th, HYPhD organized a meeting with Alexandre Monnin at La Fonderie, Agence Numérique d’Ile de France (digital agency from Ile de France). Alexandre Monnin, who has recently finished his PhD, introduced us to Philoweb.org. He plans to publish a HTML version of every chapter of his dissertation in this website, which provides an open, interactive environment allowing the readers to annotate its content. More than 10 people were gathered in a Google Hangout to listen to Alexander’s talk, explaining the reasons that led him to develop this platform, as well as the details of its development. At the end, the members of the audience asked questions, and together we discussed the new perspectives made available by this initiative.

In addition to the recording of our exchanges, we are publishing now a summary of this meeting, with all the questions therein raised, as well as the ideas of projects to be developed in the near future. 

A workshop without borders

Before December 13th many people had expressed interest in participating remotely in this talk. This is how about 10 people gathered to listen to Alexandre Monin. Five people were present at La Fonderie, Agence Numérique d’Ile de France, where the event was hosted. Five more people from countries as different as Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, USA and Germany accessed it through the Google Hangout. The discussion took place in English, to the exception of those following the disconnection of the Google Hangout. They were recorded and are available below.

Introduction to Philoweb.org : towards an enhanced (enriched) Ph D ?

Alexander started by introducing us to Philoweb.org, describing to us its genesis. This newly graduated Ph D launched his website in November 2013. He will make available a HTML version of every chapter of his dissertation, in an environment allowing the readers to annotate its content. In this way, we’ve learnt the process of creation of this platform, which demanded some technicalities. Alexandre shared his experience with us, as well as the difficulties he faced in the first days following launching of the website.

In the first part of the talk, Alexander introduced us to the projects and routines he intends to instigate with Philoweb.org, which comprise crowdsourced translation up to an enhanced (or enriched) dissertation aiming at future publication…

To learn more about Philoweb.org, watch Alexandre Monnin’s presentation on YouTube (in English).


Thanks to Isadora Olive for the translation..

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