Crowdfunding, biohacking and Open Science with Craig Rouskey @La Paillasse (Sept 12th 2014)

On the evening of friday 12 september, La Paillasse : A Bio-Hacklab in Paris will be pleased to welcome Craig Rouskey for a special masterclass within its walls. Be prepared to hack HIV and more!

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lapaillasse Craig ROuskey


“My passion lies in creating therapies for the world and finding novel ways to bring those therapies to people.”

Craig Rouskey is a member of the scientific team which lead the Y-combinator backed Immunity Project. This non-profit organization aims to develop a free vaccine against HIV. Another huge breakthrough of this project lies in its open science procedure and notably on its new way of fundraising for research : 400.000$ by crowdfunding !

“I believe in direct democratic participation in research.”

As a biohacker, Craig is also involved in DIYBio and crowdsourced projects as the GET-it project he co-founded. It aims to develop a new treatment based on phage therapy against another STD called gonorrhea. Community biolabs are on their way to put hands-on Immunology too and impact the way we’re conceiving scientific research nowadays.

This evening will be the occasion to discover Craig’s vision, experiences and projects. It will lead us to talk and discuss about open science practices and biohacking applied in health research.

Bonus : Have you already heard about the Real Vegan Cheese project ? 🙂

Come and join us to know more. Free entry, all are welcome !

Article written by Quitterie Largeteau