Take part in the research project DisCOveR ( How would you define openness in research and science ? )

Take part in the research project DisCOveR

In order to understand better actual changes in research and education, we suggest you to get involved in the DisCOveR project (Discourses and Conceptions related to Openness in Research and science), a research project about the notion of Open Science. This research project has started during OpenCon2015 (early carreer academic professional conference)

To join, you just need to fill out this consent form available on this link.

Thank you very much for your interest!

Aims of the project DisCOveR

The research project aim is to study discourses and conceptions related to the notion of openness in science and research. The idea is to find out the opinion of the participants on this topic. The study has started during OpenCon 2015.  The target audience is mainly students, researchers, health and medical professionals, curious people or advocators of openness in science and higher education. The study will be led in English.
The collected data will be analyzed to understand the different conceptions of the notion of openness in science (open data, open access, open research, etc.). Thus, to offer some advice on the training of scientists and students on several aspects of their research practices (technical, legal, ethical).

The research team

This project is developed as part of Célya Gruson-Daniel’s doctoral research in Science and Technologies Studies. Célya Gruson-Daniel is a PhD Student at the Université Technologique de Compiègne (France) and at the Université Laval (Québec). Her PhD is co-supervised by Pascal Jolivet-Courtois and Florence Piron.
She is also the co-founder of the Open Science community HackYourPhD.

Your support in this project

After filling out the consent form, you will be included in the research project. We will send you, on your email address, the elements linked to this project.

Two surveys :

  • The first survey will be sent a few day after your completion of the consent form and will consist of few questions on your conception of science and research and your opinion about open science
  • The second survey, available a few weeks after  will be about your definition of open science, your research practices (digital and open). If you attend an OpenCon event, a few questions will be about knowledge and opinion you forged during the Opencon2015 and your reflection on it.

A potential interview:

  • The interview will take place over the phone or online. It will not last longer than one hour. It will consist of collecting your thought and your opinion about openness in science and research. The interview will be recorded in order to be transcribed, but will not be further broadcasted.

The consent form, the surveys and all related information will be sent through the platform Limesurvey.

Time involvement

Your participation in each online survey will take approximately 10 minutes. If you are selected to be interviewed, the interview might take 1 hour.

Anonymisation and storage of the data

Data from this survey will be saved on the servers of University Paris Descartes (located in Paris and register with CNIL). The collected data will only be used for research purposes and will not be used for any marketing or promotional activities.
Although your participation is crucial in this project, you are free to choose not to answer to some of the question or not to take part in the interview. You can quit the research project at any time. You can ask for the deletion or modification of your consent form by sending a request to Célya Gruson-Daniel at celya.gruson-daniel@parisdescartes.fr.
The anonymized data from the surveys cab be shared on a creative commons CC-BY license.


Your collaboration is essential for this study. This is why we would like to thank you for your time and attention.


You will not receive payment for your participation.

Participation Consent

By filling the consent form, you will be included in the research project and you will receive a few emails: with the surveys, reminders for completion and a potential demand for an interview.


If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this research, its procedures, risks and benefits, please contact celya gruson-daniel celya.gruson-daniel@parisdescartes.fr