Discover our book : “Profiles of young researchers of the Open Science generation”

January 2013, HackYourPhD community was created around the theme of Open Science. Few months later, we developed the idea of a web documentary in order to better understand what is Open Science, and encounter its players.

May 31, 2013, a campaign of crowdfunding was launched. In 29 days, This journey of HackYourPhD in the US was a project of investigation at the crossroad of research, design, entrepreneurship and hacking (PhD). This journey came from a desire to understand the transformations experienced in openness of science and research practices, and the willingness to share them to the greatest number.

During these two months, Célya Gruson-Daniel cruised the USA by plane, car and bus. You will find, in this book, 9 portraits of players of the Open Science generation selected on a total of 55 interviews realized during this journey. In each city, several innovative spaces of research (biohackerspaces, open laboratories, art-science spaces etc…) were visited. A glimpse of it will also be offered to you in this book.

The detailed route of this trip and multiple encounters of people and places are gathered on the page HackYourPhDUSA . If you wish to go further into the subjects and concepts tackled here, you will, in this book, find many links to access the articles published along the trip, to the digital postcards written for theEducpros website and to the many pictures taken in all the visited locations.

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Crédits :

The book HackYourPhD in the US “Profiles of young researchers of the Open Science generation” was born from the discussion between Mathieu Rouault et Célya Gruson-Daniel.

Mathieu Rouault, creator of @docteo_net and @speak_science and co-fondateur of @ Spescimen. He directed the video presentation of the crowdfunding campaign HackYourPhD States. He proposed the idea of this book to highlight profiles of PhD students, one of the key public of his initiatives.

This book was mostly written by Célya Gruson-Daniel with the help of precious reviewers (Mathieu Rouault, Elyane Daniel ).
The layout was made by Jean-François Cauche then by Raphael Himpe under the coordination of Amaury Van Espen who also added all the graphic elements. The English translation was made by François Boursin Asperti, Rodrigue Asseu, Xiao Xiao and Elizabeth Gilbert.

All the content (text, audio, photo) is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY SA.

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