Goodbye Jonathan Tennant (1988-2020)

Jon Tennant: "Open Science is just good science" (DARIAH Annual ...
Photo from his talk “Open Science is just good science” (YouTube)

Our colleague Jon Tennant tragically passed away last week in an accident in Bali. We are very saddened by this immense loss, and our thoughts go to his family and loved ones. Besides being a formidable paleontologist, Jon was a front-runner in the Open Science movement, gifting us with clear thoughts, an eloquent voice, and always busy hands. Many in our community had the chance to meet him, and we are confident that the seeds he sewed will keep growing in the hearts and minds of our movement. On the eve of his depart, Jon wrote a post about overcoming adversity, summarizing his most recent work, with links to over a dozen publications and preprints on many aspects of Open Science. We invite everyone to take the time to read it. If you’d like to leave a message of condolences to his family, the IGDORE institute, of which he was a member, created a dedicated email address:

Ale & Guillaume, on behalf of the HackYourPhD community