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The HackYourPhD community: a common curiosity for Open Science

HackYourPhD is a community created in France in January 2013 by Célya Gruson-Daniel and Guillaume Dumas.

It gathers various profiles (researchers, PhD students and students, entrepreneurs, designers…) around the issue of Open Science.
This movement aims  to bring more collaboration, transparency, and openness in the current practices of research.

HackYourPhD wishes to explore the several facets of Open Science, in order to better define it and follow its evolutions. This exploration is made in a collaborative way under various formats.

To discover HackYourPhD in a glance, discover our poster for SAGE Bionetworks Paris Assemby 2015



To know more and to meet the members of HackYourPhD: Discover the portraits of its members on Meet the team.


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