Interview: Marius Buliga, an early adopter of open science

Guillaume Dumas asked a few questions to Marius Buliga, a researcher who started doing “open science” even before the term was actually coined. 1. Hi Marius, can you present yourself and what you are studying? Hi, I’m a wandering geometer by heart, so I move from a problem to another driven by the feeling that there is…
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“Self Journal of Science : Do It Ourselves (DIO) Publishing” Interview with Michaël Bon

Guillaume Dumas asked a few questions to Michael Bon, founder of the Self Journal of Science. SJS aims to be the new public place to publish and review scientific articles. Could you please introduce yourself ?  I’m a 34 years old French biophysicist, specialist in problems related to RNA secondary structure prediction. After a few post-docs,…
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[Interview] Gerd Moe-Behrens–Leukippos: Synthetic Biology Lab in the Cloud

HackYourPhD had the chance to interview Gerd Moe-Behrens about his project, the Leukippos Institute. He also shared his vision about the future challenges and perspectives for Open Science. Who are you? I have a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway. During a brief Post Doc at the Max Planck Institute for…
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[HYPhDUS] OpenScience Meetup in Los Angeles

This post was written by Scott Lewis (founder of Knowthecosmos). It was previously published on Google+

What about Open Science?

Yesterday (on july 18th), a group of undergraduate & graduate students, scientists, professors and concerned citizens came together at USC’s Hedco Neuroscience Building’s conference room to discuss the global need for open science. Among the attendees were myself and Liz Krane, who not only support the initiative, but wanted to better understand the needs and opportunities for the Open Science movement.

The meeting was coordinated by Célya Gruson-Daniel, the co-creator of Hack Your PhD out of Paris, France. She created a successful crowd-funding campaign to travel from France to the United States, bringing together students, researchers, engaged scientists, hacktivists, tinkerers, entrepreneurs and anybody else who are interested in the production and sharing of knowledge in a wider sense. Hack Your PhD was created in response to current ways of performing research frequently generating frustrations, conflicts and isolation, seeing a need to find a new and more efficient way to not only do science, but make sure that all results are available to other scientists and laypersons so that everyone can be better informed as to what science has already been done, what still needs to be done, and which ways it can be done better.

Scott Lewis and Liz Krane by celyagd

Scott Lewis and Liz Krane by celyagd

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HackYourPhD at the OuiShareFest Awards


HackYourPhD is proud to be part of the selected projects for the OuiShareFest Awards. Among more than a hundred propositions, this selection lead to 25 projects distributed in 5 categories related to the values of the OuiShare community: P2P, Replicability, Makers, Innovation & Local Impact. The prizes aim to enhance awareness around these values and honor the projects that operationalize them in an exemplary way.


HackYourPhD is part of the P2P selection, which is in partnership with the P2P Foundation. You can read here a description of how we aim at “Aligning individual and collective interests”, the moto of this category, and the importance for our community of the two values “Openness” and “Permanent Beta.”

Online votes are open to the public until May 1st. Then, after some offline votes, the prizes will be delivered at the OuiShareFest ceremony on May 3rd.

So, if you like HackYourPhD, it is an ideal moment to give us some help with your vote 😉