To do Science in an Open way, many tools are available, lot of initiatives already exist. There are places where the Open Science is a daily practice short, we only have to discover. Here we propose to explore various facets of the Open Science with 8 flyers made ​​by members HackYourPhD and the help of the graphic designer Bac Chu Vu.

The DIY Hacker
The Journalist
The Undergraduate
The PhD Student
The Entrepreneur
The Researcher
The Citizen
The Librarian

Whether you are students, researchers, PhD students or simply curious Science and Technology .. everyone can find particular resonance to the remarks of the various characters of these flyers. In any case this is what we want.

Summary of all flyers (click to see the flyer in full):




Thanks to Bac Chu Vu, Sylvain Charron, JB Bohuon, Guillaume Dumas, Auréliane Pajani, Clara Moreau, Eric Ghiglione, Stéphanie Couvreur for their help in realization of these flyers.

For discovering Open Science :

Here is a far from exhaustive list of Open Science initiatives corresponding to the keywords in the flyers. Do not hesitate to send us suggestion for additional resources.

#Open Lab

La Paillasse, a biohackerspace in the center of Paris.
Panorama of US makerspaces/hackerspaces.

But also other spaces/projects:


Cyber Science Summit
Citoyens Capteurs


Here are some storage platform with open data sharing mode.
Github, code sharing platform (version management)


SOS Science


PLOS, Open Access life-science editor:
Search engine for journals in Open Access:
Pre-print repositories:
– Hard sciences:
– Life sciences:

Search engine in all the University’s repositories (international):
Differences in policy for the journals concerning Open Access:


Apero Sciences et Web


Cafe Sciences




Mozilla Science


Open Notebook Science Network

D’autres initiatives:

Open Science Training

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