Our Actions


Collaborative curation.

A collaborative curation on Facebook and Twitter is carried out daily to share the last news and to exchange together on this subject.


Organization of events.

Events are organized in a collaborative way by the members of the HackYourPhD community. The goal is to catalyse meetings between various actors and help thus to create new Open projects  or to advance collaboratively on the comprehension of its different facets.

These events take different formats. (Aperitifs, Presentations, Workshops.). Many events have been already organized in Paris. The objective would be to create a network of  HackYourPhD events in France and elsewhere organized by a local team. Thanks to a videoconference or a summary. The  whole community could profit from its exchanges.

La paillasse

Meeting at La Paillasse. Photo taken by Gayané Adourian

More info : Discover on the website events already organized. Si vous souhaitez organisez un évènement : Écrivez nous contact@hackyourphd.org

Meeting the Open Science Actors in France and abroad

To understand Open Science, its boundaries and the diversity of the projects which result from itare a difficult mission. Therefore HackYourPhD wishes to meet  the Open Science actors  to show concrete and current examples

 Two travels to meet the Open Science actors have already been organized. Célya Gruson-Daniel went to Quebec (May 2013) and to the USA (July-September 2013) . This last Open Science tour was funded by a crowdfunding campaign with the support of the community and partners.
interview HackYourPhD US

HackYourPhD Interviews  on Soundwall

More info : Look at the website HackYourPhd au Quebec and HackYourPhD in the US with its logbook and interviews.

Join us!

Whether you are researchers, PhD students, or just curious about research and its practices. You are welcome. If you are interested in sharing news about Open Science, organizing  a workshop or sharing with us your vision. Do not hesitate to contact us contact@hackyourphd.org

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