Openscience in innovative spaces : Two inspiring examples with OpEEE and the Green Neuroscience Lab

Some thoughts that emerge during my journey “HackYourPhD aux States“.

The Open materializes itself increasingly in places, which offer the possibility to catalyze projects. Here are two inspiring samples driven by visionary people.

The project led by Thanh Nghien: Open Economy Education & Entrepreneurship (OpEEE).


Thanh Nghiem plays a major role in supporting projects that embody the values of the Open in all its dimensions. She knows how to organize ideas and connects the right players to make first prototype come alive. Even more, she knows how to accelerate these kinds of projects, take them to the next level and ensure their sustainability. Her secret: recognize the key players who bring additional blocks to build multifaceted initiaves with major societal impacts.
This pollinating bee backs OuiShare, a group gathered around collaborative economy. She  follows HackYourPhD since its beginnings and has provided the boost to the campaign  HackYourPhD aux States. She is also involved at Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire (CRI) alongside Francois Taddéi, which offers a innovative vision/approach to education. Going to Vietnam, she explored the importance of culture as an essential element of impact for knowledge.

Today, she starts a major project combining all her projects.

OpEEE  for Open Economy Education Entrepreneurship  is a cross cultural collaboration between Vietnam and the CRI. She wants to create exchanges between business school students and researchers from France and Vietnam to promote innovation and its societal impact. Her idea is: Vietnam = @ccelerator of CRI and CRI= @ccelerator of Vietnam.
In the meantime, do not hesitate to watch her TED talk on knowledge sharing.

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