[Event] Hackathon : “Open your Phd – one link at a time – A direct approach to open knowledge” ( july 13-14th)

On the 13th and 14th of July, Dor Garbash and other Phd students and researchers will participate in the NightScience hackathon. During the two days we will share our research by using Knownodes, an open source platform we created to annotate connections between knowledge and ideas. By working together in the same space we turn the act of sharing our research into a collaborative and interdisciplinary experience.
Knownodes by Dor Garbash

Knownodes by Dor Garbash

We propose a simple goal: Each participant will create an open network of his Phd research. To do that each one of us will alternate between creating his own network to giving feedback to someone else. If all goes well, we will have time to create connections between the different networks and give our interdisciplinary muscles a nice stretch!

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